Terms and Conditions

Basic definitions

  • Bet – is a sum of money that is placed on a certain event in terms of risk. The bet can be either win (an event occurs) or lose (an event does not happen or has a different result)
  • Outcome – the result of the bet
  • Customer – a person who bets4. Sportsbook – the information that a bookmaker provides for bettors (list of events, outcomes, odds)

Terms and Conditions

  • Melbet has the official license of Curaсao № 8048/JAZ2020-060. It operates internationally and complies with gaming laws.
  • Bets are accepted and winnings are paid out only after confirming the identity. The customer should be 18+. Bets may be canceled by Melbet if they violate the Terms and Conditions.
  • Multi-accounting is forbidden. Anу account should be attached to one IP address, email address, credit card, or one eWallet. Violators face a two-month account blocking and recalculation of funds.
  • Conditions of the placed bets remain unchained. Conditions of accepting bets can change over time.
  • Melbet has the right to refuse a bet without any explanations.
  • Bets placed when the error occurs (misprints or wrong odds) can be declared invalid. Bets are paid out with 1.0 odd in this case.
  • If any event causes suspiciousness, Melbet has the right to stop receiving bets until the further investigation of international organizations. If the facts of fraud are officially revealed by the investigating institutes (fixed match, etc.), bets are paid out with 1.0 odd in this case.
  • If bets are settled incorrectly, they have to be recalculated. Bets, placed between the time of recalculation, are considered to be valid.If there is an evident error in the odds, the outcome will be recalculated proceeding from market odds for the given event.
  • «Simultaneous Finish» – is a situation when more than one participant in the math, tournament, or competition is declared the winner. The strike is divided by two if there are 2 winners. If an event has more than 2 victors, the outcome is settled with 1.0 odd. The rule does not work in the case of «To be higher» bets.
  • A customer is responsible for keeping his password and username safe and out of reach of third parties.
  • Problems with internet connections or other technological problems cannot be considered a valid reason for canceling a bet.
  • Only events, officially announced by Melbet, are considered to be the grounds to pay winnings. Information, taken from other bookmakers, is not a source of information for Melbet.
  • A customer should check that the whole amount of the winnings were paid out. If he notices any contradiction, he should inform the bookmaker and provide the evidence within 10 days.
  • If a bettor commits fraud against Melbet (has multiple accounts, uses betting software, etc.), the bookmaker has the right to punish the user in one of the ways:

· cancel the bet

· close the account and return all the funds in favor of Melbet

· apply to legal authorities according to the severity of the fraud.

  • The bookmaker has the right to close the user’s account and freeze all the funds if:

· a customer has clear information about the result of the event before placing a bet

· a customer could directly influence the event (as an athlete, coach, etc.)

· bets were placed by the group of organized people to circumvent the limitations of Melbet

· multi-accounting

· a customer is suspicious of using automated betting software

· any other actions that are made to deceive or violate the terms of the company

  • If the security service doubts the user’s authenticity, it has the right to request more documents to prove the bettor’s identity. Verification can last 72 hours after the documents are received. If the provided information is not valid, the security service may cancel all the bets and postpone financial transactions until further investigation.
  • Melbet reserves the right to add new items to the Terms and Conditions or update the recent ones. They enter into force after publishing on the official website.
  • The bookmaker bears no responsibility for the misuse of the content of the website or incorrect betting. This includes misunderstanding of betting principles, improper use of the data, internet connection failures or other misprints, omissions, and errors.

Betting rules

The minimum bet is 10 INR. It remains the same in other currencies.

The maximum bet is not determined and is defined individually depending on the event.

The maximum winning from one stake is 1 million INR. It remains the same in other currencies.

Melbet has the right to limit, increase and decrease bets and odds without any explanations.

The bookmaker reserves the opportunity to limit repeated bets on one outcome.

A bet is considered to be valid after it has been confirmed by Melbet. All bets appear in the «Bet History» section. It usually happens in an instant, but sometimes it takes several minutes. A bet is accepted even if a customer did not receive any notifications: a mark in «Bet History» is sufficient grounds to consider the transaction completed.

A bet is a winning bet if all the outcomes were predicted by a customer correctly.

Stakes are accepted before the start of the event. The time indicated on the bookmaker’s official website is approximate. Live betting is an exception: stakes are accepted during the whole match, game, or round.

If a punter tries to place a bet on the finished event, it won’t be accepted by the system.

If a bet is recognized invalid, the sum is refunded and it is excluded from the system.

If the bet is incorrect (due to system failure or analytics’ mistake), it is recalculated.

Events that are presented in the sportsbook are actual. The information about postponing and canceling comes only from official sources: the websites of the organizations, sports federations, and clubs.

A bet can be canceled if a customer gives incorrect deceiving information which confuses the bookmaker and staff. This is also applicable to underage users.

Live and pre-match bets cannot be changed or deleted.

Melbet bears no responsibility for users’ inaccuracies. Betting – is a risky process that requires the usage of several independent sources of information.

Stakes placed on regional tournaments are settled within 10 days. If one team or player withdraws from the match, all bets are refunded.

Types of bets

Melbet offers the following stakes:

1. single bet

It is a stake on one individual outcome of the event. Winning is settled as the sum of the stake multiplied by the odds.

2. accumulator bet

It is a stake on several unrelated outcomes of different events. 

Winnings are calculated similarly to the single bet. If only one prediction in the line is incorrect, a punter loses the whole accumulator.

3. system bet

It is a stake on a full combination of accumulators. To win a bet a certain amount of the events should be correct. For instance, the «5 out of 8» system means five of eight options should be predicted properly.

Responsible betting

Gambling – is a tricky staff that can end in depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. So it is not recommended to bet on if people suffer from mental health disorders and have an active mind.

You should not consider gambling as your main income. Luck is changeable, it is impossible to predict events correctly all the time. 

Gambling problems can affect family relations and job 

responsibilities. In some critical cases, it can end up in bankruptcy or crime. Remember that betting – is just a pastime activity and not a meaning in life.

Betting is not permitted to underage people. Advertising of Melbet services is aimed not to abuse vulnerable persons.

If you share a computer with children, make sure they don’t receive access to your account. There is special software to make parental control – NetNanny and Cyber Patrol.

The advertising of Melbet doesn’t deceive or misrepresent the nature of betting. Potential users are warned about risks and possible losses.

You always can measure the extent of dependence on gambling by answering «yes» or «no» on the following questions:

1. Do you need to cut expenses?

2. Do you need to borrow or steal money to continue gambling?

3. Do you spend less time with your family because of betting?

4. Did people begin to irritate you because they don’t approve of gambling?

5. Do you spend less time on hobbies or pastime activities?

6. Do you fill depressed or even have suicidal thoughts after losses?

7. Have you ever lied about betting – about time spent behind the screen or the amount of money lost?

If there are more «yes» than «no» answers, it is a serious reason to suspect gambling addiction.

It is never too late to handle the problem. We want to introduce some short useful tips on how to avoid gambling addiction:

· Betting – is a leisure activity and enjoyable action – but not the main source of income.

· Set the time and quantitative betting limits and never violate them.

· Wager only sums that are easy to lose without any consequences

· Resist the temptation to instantly recoup

· Do not place bets if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other psychotropic substances

Melbet cares about customers! Betting must be fascinating. It shouldn’t be burdensome or dull. Enjoy responsible betting and winnings will not keep you waiting.