Melbet Cricket Betting in India

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of cricket betting or an experienced bettor, you are going to find Melbet India one of the best betting platforms. It’s really hard to stand out in the competitive market of online betting, so we are going to provide you with some useful information on what you need to know about cricket betting and why Melbet is truly one of the best out there.

About Melbet

Melbet is a licensed online casino and an international sports betting bookmaker, operating in a lot of major countries, including India. Established in 2012, it made its way right to the top of the betting industry in just a few years. Melbet is known for its high bet odds and fast money withdrawals, and these are among the main reasons why it attracts gamblers from all kinds of places.

Melbet gives you access to all major sporting events and to a huge variety of fast games and live casino games. From football and basketball to golf and snooker, from baseball and cricket to roller hockey and curling, from horse racing and poker to betting on politics and even whether – they have it all.

But since cricket is the sport that people in India are the most excited about, that’s what we are going to cover.

Types of cricket

There are three types of cricket games, and we are going to tell you about each of them.

  1. Test cricket is the most classical, yet the slowest form of the game. Matches can last up to 5 days, two innings each. It is considered the heaviest form of cricket, but this is the form that determines the greatness of a team. Even the word “test” here means that these matches test the strength, endurance and patience of a team.
  2. ODI is a fast-paced form of cricket, with matches that last up to 9 hours, one inning with 50 overs. These kinds of matches test the skills and speed of a team, its ability to change and blend styles, according to the game and the opponent.

T20s (Twenty20s) were invented relatively recently, in 2005. It is the fastest form of the game, with matches that usually last up to 3 hours, with 20 overs. That form has been created to spread the popularity of cricket and draw people to cricket fields and television screens.

Cricket betting on Melbet

Melbet has a wide choice of sporting events, but cricket is the most demanded sport to watch and to bet on in India. There are a lot of cricket events in the “Event selection” on the Melbet website, pick one and click on it. You will see tables with events, matches and odds.

Besides Melbet cricket has a vast variety of ODIs, test matches (like Ashes series) and T20s. You can easily find out about the latest and the most important events in the cricket world, see the live results and make your winning bet.

Types of cricket betting

Here we picked six of the most demanded kinds of cricket bets on Melbet:

  • Match betting:

You bet on the exact team that in your opinion is going to win. A classic type of betting.

  • Tied match:

You bet that the match is going to end in a draw, so there are no winners.

  • Series winner:

You bet on a team that is going to win 3 matches out of 5.

  • Outright winner:

You bet on a team that is going to win the entire tournament.

  • Odd/even runs:

You bet on whether the team’s run for a game is going to be an odd or an even number.

  • Over/underscore:

You bet on the final score of the game: is it going to be higher or is it going to be lower than it was predicted by Melbet.

And that’s not all, you can also place more peculiar bets, like a man of the tournament, runs scored by a batsman, manner of the wicket, man of the match and lots of others.

How to bet on cricket on Melbet?

First, you have to register on Melbet cricket, create your own account. In order to do that, you have to go to the official website of the platform and find the Registration button at the top. You can also use the Melbet cricket app. Register by Email, phone number, via social network or use a one-click registration. Complete all 4 steps by filling in the lines with the required information, confirm that you agree with Melbet cricket rules, and click the Register button.

Then you need to make the first money deposit, which will also give you a chance to get the Melbet Cricket Bonus. Then you can choose the sport or the game you want to bet on. Find cricket in the sports selection, click on it and choose the event you want to put your bet on. Now you can choose the type of bets that you like, put your money on it and wait to see if the match is going to end in your favor.

Cricket odds

As we previously said, Melbet cricket offers very good odds on cricket events. Usually, they vary from 1.3 to 1.8, but you can find matches and types of bets with more interesting choices. Odds depend on the winning history of the team, its current state in the season, its history of wins and losses with the current opponent, the line-up for a particular game, what players are injured and so on.

Melbet cricket odds show you exactly how much money you are going to win by placing a bet on a particular outcome of the match. But not just that, the odds also show you what most people think the outcome is going to be. The lower odds on one of the teams mean that the majority thinks this team is going to win. The betting odds are located near the name of the outcome.

This is how the bets on Melbet Cricket India work. Let’s say, the odds that Team 1 is going to win are 1.7, and the odds that Team 2 is going to win are 4.8. If you bet ₹1000 on Team 1, and it wins, you will have ₹1700 (so you will gain ₹700 to the ₹1000 that you bet). But if you bet ₹1000 on Team 2, and it wins, you will have a lot more, which is ₹4800, you will gain ₹3800. Needless to say that if you place your bet on a team that loses the match, you will lose all your money. So bet carefully.

It is worth mentioning that the final odds may be different than the initial odds. They are changing during the match according to how good or bad both teams are playing and who is winning. But don’t worry, the odds you have already placed your bet on are not going to change.

IPL Betting

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a great opportunity for newcomers in online betting to make their first steps and their first bets, test their knowledge of the game and the betting process, and, of course, win some money. Since cricket is the most well-known and watched sport in India, you are going to find a lot of betting options and events on Melbet cricket India. Just choose your event, choose your type of bet and go for it.

People in India and all over the world are already looking forward to the start of a new IPL season. Especially since there are going to be two brand new clubs: Ahmedabad and Lucknow. And that means more matches, more bets and more opportunities to win.

IPL Odds

Below you can see the odds on IPL winners for 2022, based on the experts’ predictions:

Chennai Super Kings defeated Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2021 IPL finals, so, naturally, they have the lowest odds. That means, the people think that CSK are likely to win the IPL again next year.

Cricket Betting Tips

If you’re a beginner at Melbet cricket betting, you may need some betting tips to make reasonable and calculated bets and avoid betting at random. We chose the most important factors that you have to take into account:

  1. Check which team is playing at home and which is playing away. Statistics show that teams (usually in any kind of sports) play better at home, on their home field. They feel more relaxed, they know the territory, and they have more fans cheering for them. That’s a very significant factor for high team spirit.
  2. Check the weather. If the field is wet it’s obviously going to be harder to play on. And though the weather affects both teams, some teams can play better in certain conditions than others.
  3. Check the game statistics of each team. The team that has had a lot of winning matches recently has a higher motivation and overall better shape, so they are going to play with more confidence.
  4. Last but not least: check the squads. You have to make sure that the team you want to put your bet on doesn’t have injured key players. Not all players are equal, some are more valuable than others, and sometimes a single player can define the result of a match.

Melbet Cricket Bonus

Like a lot of betting websites out there, Melbet Cricket India offers a bonus that you can get by making your first deposit. You just need to complete your registration, make the deposit, and then you can claim your bonus. Melbet doubles the amount that you put on your account. What it means is that you can make a deposit of ₹2000 and get a bonus from Melbet of ₹2000. It is that simple. There are only two conditions:

  • First, your initial deposit has to be at least ₹110 (and if you do that, you will get ₹110 more). Otherwise, Melbet won’t be able to double your money.
  • Second, Melbet Cricket India can double your first deposit only up to ₹8000. That means that if you put ₹8000 on your account, you will get exactly ₹8000 as a bonus. But if you put, let’s say, ₹9000, you still are going to get a bonus of just ₹8000.
Active until: 12th of May 2024 PM

Mobile Cricket Betting on Melbet

If you prefer to use your smartphone and don’t want to turn your PC or laptop on every time you would like to make a bet, mobile cricket betting is definitely for you. Melbet Cricket India has two options of mobile betting, and both of them are very comfortable and have their advantages.

You can download a Melbet Cricket app directly to your phone. Melbet developed an app that has what you want to make a timely and thoughtful bet. It has all the important functions of the website: you can search betting events, choose any type of bets you want, make bets and make deposits on your account. You have access not only to sport bets but also to live casino, lotteries and fast games. The interface is very user-friendly, so you won’t have to search for the right event and the right bet for ages. And since your smartphone is almost always with you, you can make bets from any place that has Internet connection.

In order to install the app, you need to go to the official Melbet website, scroll all the way down, switch to Mobile version, click “Mobile Applications” at the bottom, and then choose “Download in App Store” or “Download app for Android” (depending on what kind of OS you have on your smartphone). And Melbet Cricket app download will begin shortly after. The app is free and doesn’t require much space.

The second option of mobile cricket betting on Melbet is to use their mobile version of the website. You don’t need to install an app, you can just go straight to the main website, scroll all the way down again, click “Mobile version” and that’s it. The mobile version also has all the important functions the app has. It’s a good choice for people who don’t like to constantly update their apps.

You Can Bet on Cricket with Rupees

Melbet supports betting with a lot of different currencies, more than 150 currencies in total. Melbet website has a Curacao gaming license, which allows people from India to be sure that their every bet is legal. And since cricket is such a huge sport in India, you can bet with Indian rupees (INR) too.

Withdraw and Deposit

If you are a registered Melbet user, you can put your money on your account and withdraw your winnings from it. Let’s get into the details.

  • To deposit your funds into your account, you need to log in and then click the big green “Deposit” button at the top of the Melbet page. You’ll find yourself in the Deposit section of your account, where you will see all the options you have to make a deposit. You can choose among e-wallets (Sticpay, Perfect Money, UPI, AstroPay, MuchBetter, Skrill), payment systems (Neteller, EcoPayz) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dai, Litecoin, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Tron, Etherium and so much more). Find the option that you need and click “Deposit”. Then you need to fill in the details, write in the amount of money you want to deposit and confirm the transfer. Make sure you have enough money for a transaction.
  • To withdraw the money from your account, you need to click on your account at the top of the Melbet website, you will see the drop-down menu, and then you choose “Withdraw funds”. Then the withdrawal page is going to open, and there, much like when putting on a deposit, you will find a variety of e-wallets, payment systems and cryptocurrency e-wallets. The options are pretty much the same, with a slight exception. Choose the one that you need, click on it, write in the amount of money you want to withdraw, and click the “Confirm” button. There are no service fees, but there is a minimum amount of money you can withdraw, which is 1 EUR/USD (some payment systems have higher minimum amounts).

Cricket Betting Events

While the IPL season of 2021 has recently ended, and the season of 2022 has not yet started, you’re probably wondering, are there any other interesting cricket events that you can place your bet on. And the answer is “yes”, absolutely! Melbet offers you a wide variety of cricket leagues from all over the planet, and here’s a list of just some of the said leagues:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL);
  • Trophy Vijay Hazare;
  • Big Bash;
  • Sri Lanka Premier League;
  • Super Smash;
  • Pakistan Super League;
  • Women’s National Cricket League Australia etc.

Find the event that you are most interested in and make your bet.

Responsible Betting

If you are going to make a bet, don’t forget to be responsible and not to bet without preliminary research. Betting can’t exist without financial risks, so be prepared for the negative outcome, and make sure that you don’t bet your last money. If you think that you are maybe becoming addicted to gambling and need help, please contact the specialist.


9 Aug 2022, 8:30 am

Melbet has every right to be considered as one of the top online betting platforms. It has a huge variety of sports and sporting events, if you like to bet on sports games. You can bet on all the major cricket events, on all the most exciting matches. Follow the championships, follow the teams, analyze the statistics, and don’t wait to make your bet. But if you prefer casino games, eSports or maybe TV games, Melbet has got you covered too.

And what’s important, being a licensed betting platform, with Melbet you don’t have to worry that your money can be stolen or that you are doing something illegal. Melbet is a great place to make your first cricket bet.

Melbet FAQs

Is Melbet legal in India?

Yes, it surely is. Melbet has a Curacao gaming license, which means it doesn’t violate any Indian laws.

Can I bet with rupees?

Absolutely. Melbet accepts more than 150 currencies, and INR is one of them.

How do I place a bet on Melbet?

First, you need to register and put some money into your account. Choose the sport and the match you want to bet on. Then choose the type of bet, enter the sum you want to bet and place a bet.

Can I create multiple accounts on Melbet?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t. But you still can place a lot of different bets, using just one account.

Can my odds change after I put a bet?

The odds are changing during the game, depending on what is happening and who is winning. But if you placed your bet on certain odds, they cannot change, don’t worry.

Can I use Melbet on my smartphone?

Yes, you can use the mobile version of the website or download an application for Android or iOS.